Folio Health Passports for Covid Vaccination Certificates and Test Results

Vaccination and Testing are essential components for enabling freedom of movement and reducing Covid transmission.

Folio integrates with Vaccine Administration Management Systems (VAMS), Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) and healthcare providers to create a flexible platform for Health Passports.

Testing Fraud & Laboratory Exploitation

In the UK a fraudster was selling fake tests for £100 on Social Media using a genuine laboratory name and logo.

Following a Trading Standards and Police investigation, the Laboratory confirmed they did not carry out the Tests or issue any Certificates and were unaware their name was being used.

"Fake Covid Test"
increase in Google search

Rise in SMS scams
during lockdown

Cost of fake Covid Test


'Health Passport' Check-In Example

"Passport, Ticket and proof of Vaccination please."

The traveller hands over their traditional paper passport and presents their smartphone. Showing the check-in attendant their recent Vaccination certificate or Test results, stored in their Folio Smart Wallet.

The attendant then scans the QR code on the Vaccination or Test Certificate to verify its authenticity. This can be achieved as simply as the attendants' phone scanning the QR code in the traveller's Smart Wallet or by using a QR scanner attached to the check-in computer. The attendant's device then verifies the Certificate with the issuer independently of the traveller's device.

"Thank you, everything is in order, have a pleasant onward journey"

The world of travel may never be the same again but thanks to Smart Wallets, Testing won't be the bottleneck in our travel plans.


An encrypted channel is created between the laboratory and the testee for the issuance of Test Results. The unique biometric data (fingerprint and selfie) of the testee is used to retrieve the Test Results on their Smartphone.


Test Results are simply issued to the Smartphone and carried securely inside the Folio Smart Wallet. This removes the need for paper Test Certificates preventing criminals from counterfeiting documents.


A 3rd party official can scan the QR code on the Test Certificate to verify the results with the issuing Laboratory. The combination of in-personal biometric identification and the remote confirmation from the Laboratory provides trust and certainty in the Test Certificates authenticity.

Could fraudsters be masquerading as your Laboratory?

It may seem preventing this type of certificate fraud is beyond the power and control of Laboratories but is it?

When Smart Wallets are deployed with LIMS they can be used to protect both the provenance of Test Results and safeguard a Laboratories brand and reputation from exploitation.

Smart Wallet Workflow Example Folio & LIMS Provider

Further Information on Laboratory Solutions

Folio Health Wallet For Laboratories

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