Our mission:

Enable everyone to manage their own identity and rid the world of plastic cards.

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  • Make securing digital credentials on a smartphone the new normal
  • Enable absolute privacy for every user in every situation
  • Establish an open, digital identity ecosystem
  • Provide an inclusive and accessible platform, free to the user
  • Lead the innovation of biometrics and AI to eradicate identity fraud

Tatiana Cogevina

Co-Founder & CEO

Co-Founder, top banana and Folio’s chief executive officer. Responsible for strategy and business operations globally. Tatiana has over 20 years of experience delivering digital transformation programs to government and the private sector.

Prior to Folio, Tatiana led international engagements with Accenture and Bain in Europe, Asia and North America. She holds an MBA from INSEAD and can boast that she has never missed a single Apple product launch and always makes it a family fun event.

Paul White

Chief Marketing Officer

Chief marketing officer, brand kingpin and champion for the Folio app user base. Paul has accumulated over 20 years in B2C and B2B marketing environments in customer experience, digital transformation, cyber security and compliance risk, helping technology businesses grow internationally.

With brands such as Kana, Capital One, Zurich, Verint, Gresham and Travelex, Paul has flip-flopped from donning corporate attire to a tone more…. siliconista. We prefer him like that.

Alex Bodilovsky


Chief Technology Officer leading Folio’s development team and research programs that explore emerging technologies and recommend new strategies and solutions.

Ensuring Folio’s commitment to innovation and openness, Alex is responsible for the company’s industry standards engagements, university collaborations and technical community programs.

Ben Barnett

Chief Commercial Officer

Chief Commercial Officer with over 10 years’ experience in B2B Sales and Customer Success environments in digital transformation, and IP protection. Ben is responsible for bringing trust and convenience to all of our clients, current and prospective.

Before Folio, Ben was responsible for sales and customer success teams at PatSnap, witnessing first-hand how technology and innovation make the impossible possible.

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